Résumé Writing

  • #1 Recommendation:
    PA Job Gateway

    Free & online

    • www.jobgateway.pa.gov
    • Securely keep your résumé(s) online for FREE.
    • It walks you through each step.
    • Print for free or upload to apply for any job on any site.
    • You can create multiple versions of your resumé, highlighting different skills.
    • Use an existing Keystone ID or create a new one.
    • Be sure to keep your login information in a safe place where you can find it! This includes your Participant ID.
    • You can select a privacy setting to keep your résumé invisible to employers.
    • You will not receive fake job calls.
    • You don't have to worry about saving to a flash drive or email.
    • This is required for some jobs, such as those with the state, and for those on unemployment.

  • #2 Choice:
    Google Drive

    Free & Online

    1. We have a template to help you --


      Click here to sign in to your Gmail account. (Then come back to this page.)
      • If you don't have Gmail, it's FREE
      • Be sure to set up verification with your phone. This really helps if you lose your password.
    2. After signing in to google,

      you can start with our résumé TEMPLATE (Click here).

      • You can rename the file.
      • No need for flash drives or saving to email before the computers time out.

    • OR ... If you prefer to start from scratch:
    • Log into Gmail (www.gmail.com)
    • Click on the icon with 9 squares in the upper right
    • Choose Google Drive.  (On a phone, use Google Docs app:  https://docs.google.com)
    • Choose Create, then Document.
    • Click on the words "Untitled Document" to rename it.
    • Google automatically saves changes every few seconds. You can access it from any device.
    • If you need to download the file to the desktop so that you can upload it with a job application, just go to File ... Download ... then choose the format such as Microsoft Word (.docx) or .pdf.
    • You can also print from the document's screen, using the printer icon.

  • #3 Option:
    Microsoft Word


    • Type in your own education and job history information using Microsoft Word.
    • If you don't have a computer or the Microsoft Word program, you can stop in at the library and use ours for free.
    • We can help you to format your resume.
    • You'll need to save your résumé before the computer times out:
      • You can save it to your email (free), and we can help you to create a free email account.
      • Or you can save it to a USB flash drive. We sell flash drives.


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    Other Sites

    A Note About Online Résumé Creation Websites

    (Please be aware that most other sites that say they have free résumé builders actually charge money for you to save or print your résumé.)

    Pongo Resume
    (must pay to print résumé)

    (need to set profile to Private)

    (can download but must create account)

    Riley Guide / LiveCareer
    (good information about online résumés, free unformatted résumé download but must pay if want it to be formatted)


  • .


    For more career information, see our career page.


    Cover Letter and Résumé Tips (free)

    Be sure to include any specific computer skills you have.


    Resume-help.org (Note: misleading buttons on this page that say free Cover Letter Templates lead to smartcoverletter.com, which is NOT free if you want to save the letter. You will need to re-type if you wish to save in Word or email.).

    Job Star (tips)

    If you are interested in working for a particular company, be sure to visit their official website. For example, www.walmart.com is the official Wal-Mart site. If you do a google search for jobs at Wal-Mart, you will see many sites that will not actually allow you to apply for a job. Only www.walmart.com has the official application.



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